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CTF is an established company that is geared to provide individuals and businesses of all sizes with a comprehensive and professional financial management service at an affordable rate.

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Corona Assistance

Unsure of the Rules and regulations with your business during the Corona Outbreak? CTF offers guidance where to look and where to go . .

We have you covered

Tax Compiance

The submission of Tax Returns is becoming an increasingly complex task, as SARS eFiling matures to accommodate the vast array of exemptions, provisions and other tax legislative stipulations. These electronic forms are the basis for each and every assessment issued by SARS. The accurate interpretation of the source data is the key to correct completion of these forms.

SARS’s practice of issuing revised assessments based on incomplete submissions or incorrect interpretation of source data has become all too frequent and most revised assessments are in favour of the fiscus. It has become increasingly common for objectionsto be ignored, resulting in tax payers being denied Tax Clearance Certificates. This practice seriously impedes the affected taxpayers from conducting their business activities.

CTF Tax & Financial Services

We love to share our knowledge and experience

In addition to an in-house team of well- trained staff, CTF has access to a network of experts in specialised fields as diverse as offshore finance and tax litigation, to name but two.

These close contacts form an invaluable consulting pool that allows us to provide you with sage advice on all matters pertaining to your prosperity.

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Extra services we add to our portfolio as we see fitsto help you run your business simpler 

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Day to day service offerings with CTF, should you have any questions please get hold of us.

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CTF Accounting Services

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