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Consequences of Ignoring SARS Requests for Material

Don’t Risk It! Understand the Consequences of Ignoring SARS Requests for Material Get ready for a crackdown on VAT compliance by SARS! Failure to provide requested materials could lead to hefty estimated assessments under section 95(1)(c) of the Tax Administration Act.

What Happens If You Ignore SARS’ Requests?

SARS may issue a “Request for relevant material” after you submit your VAT201 return. If you don’t comply within 21 days, be prepared for an estimated assessment.

What to Do If You Receive an Estimated Assessment?

You must provide the requested material within 40 days. Delayed? Ask for an extension with valid reasons.

Avoid Penalties and Interest – Stay Compliant!

Non-compliance means facing penalties and interest. Stay on SARS’ good side by responding promptly to requests.

Need Help with Compliance?

CTFSA is here to assist you in meeting all SARS requirements hassle-free. Don’t risk non-compliance – reach out to us today!


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