Procedure to follow for shopping during 21 day Lockdown

Having met with the Bedfordview SAPS Station Commander the following is the process to be followed for shopping for yourselves and elderly parents / citizens:

1. Only one adult person to be in vehicle.
2. Limit your visits to the shops – the intention of the lockdown is to isolate and minimize contact between individuals.
3. Do any shopping required for the elderly / infirmed at the same time as you are doing your own shopping.
4. Practice the necessary safe distance / no contact rules when dropping off the shopping with the elderly.
5. Carry your ID & drivers licence with you.
6. Keep your till slips together with details of who you are shopping for. If stopped by SAPS you will be asked to produce proof of reason why you are on the road.

We ask that all residents adhere to the above – the sooner we get this virus under control, the better for all.


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