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Noise – Best to ignore

Is it not strange that all too often we listen to a coworker, journalist or a politician who makes a load of noise about one thing or another? There is a distinct difference between a person who is speaking sense and has an intelligent point to make, as apposed the empty vessel that simply bellows out – noise.

You won’t be judged badly when you suddenly come to the realization that the person is now just making a “NOISE”. I do realize that this may sound condescending but regrettably there is no other word that aptly describes the noise that some people broadcast on an ongoing basis. It seems that there is always some clown who must demand your full attention and spew the biggest amount of unadulterated rubbish.

These noise makers often play on the average person’s reluctance to be rude and abruptly cut them off. Society has dictated to us that by entertaining the “noise” is polite, when in fact it is probably the worst thing one should do. The more you entertain the noisemaker the more the noisemaker will loudly and boldly feel the need to announce more “noise”. It may be polite but remember, you are the victim in that you are normally cornered to listen to this ever-constant drone. In hindsight, chopping off the broadcaster of noise is not only the correct thing to do but also in the long run is being kind to the fool as Confucius said that even a fool is seen to be a wise man until he opens his mouth.

These very same fools are so keen to express their opinion and embellish their points of view more loudly than before.

I have listed some clear examples of noise that has made the rounds, the real surprise is that between the formal media and social media these fools were given so much airtime? I wonder if its just man’s desire for entertainment or that the noise makers are just so vociferous at making a noise.

  • Recently when lockdown started a video hit the social media where a “fool” proudly announced that alcohol actually, sanitized one from the inside. Totally ridiculous yet somehow it was even broadcast on eNCA. Just the slightest bit of common sense tells you that the person is a fool making a lot of noise.
  • Floyd Shivambo – deputy leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters proudly explained that black people cannot be labeled as a racist. The Oxford English dictionary defines racism as “Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race…” No where does it exclude one race from being prejudicial. Conclusion the fool is making a noise.
  • The most impressive fool is Jacob Zuma when he boldly told the nation in 2015 that Jan van Riebeek was the cause of the country’s woes and that we should not be concerned with rampant corruption and nepotism.
  • We were also exposed to a township dwelling gentleman who boldly and announced that the Corona 19 Virus would not affect anyone in the township. He did not elaborate on his scientific breakthrough or how the gates of the township managed to eradicate the virus before it affected anyone in the township, but he was unmoved in his conviction.
  • On the radio I was exposed to a “noise maker” who was trying to convince me that when I take a jog on the street, the sweat and saliva molecules that may carry the virus creates a cloud around your body and that this cloud remains suspended – along with the live virus – for up to eight hours. By deduction any other person walking through your cloud could be exposed to the virus. What the fool omitted to point out was that sweat and saliva are both heavier than air and would be attracted to the earth through the phenomena known as gravity. Also, anyone who has taken a run on the pavements in Johannesburg will attest to the dodging of the average fully laden taxi which has also taken to the pavement to avoid traffic congestion. These mini vans driving at a rate of knots create wind, vortexes, and other disturbances in the air in which your “cloud” is suspended, disbursing your Corona laden sweat molecules into every direction imaginable. The cold street, wet grass and general pollution would have a detrimental affect on the virus from which it is highly unlikely to survive. Only conclusion one can make is that the person being interviewed was simply making a noise.
  • In the heat of the US election, Trump was tweeting that the killing of Osama bin Laden was in fact fake news and that his predecessor had a SEAL team executed in order to cover up the crime. Trump somehow managed to con so many intelligent, free thinking Americans with his never-ending rhetoric which I think confused many US voters in 2016 and somehow managed to earn their support. Fortunately, the fool has been identified and removed from office albeit slightly less than “peacefully.”

All too often these fools reinforce their opinions with a typical dose of what I call “liberal enforcement.” Liberal enforcement is best described as the criticism a person will suffer should their point of view not agree with the fool who is loudly delivering his version of noise. These people are all too often consumed by a leftist perspective of the world. In most instances they are journalists who have decided that their left of left opinion be the moral high ground of how man should be judged. You must either completely agree with the full nature and spirit of the liberal perspective or be branded as a racist, homophobic fascist – on a good day. They also go as far as to insist that your leisure time must be spent enjoying a sport or activity that complies to their liberal mindset irrespective your actual preference.

In conclusion may I implore you to listen to people when they impart with knowledge and try to discern between “sense” and “noise.” Should you have determined that it is simply noise – then be kind to the fool and ask them to switch off the noise and allow peace to rule. Remember that to not shut them up encourages the person to increase the amount and frequency of the noise they make.

Peter Carlisle CA (SA)
January 2021


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